Frequently asked questions

Here you will find a summary of all questions that we have been asked regarding EVENTIPLY

What happens to the data I import?

As long as you import data only in your contact database, we consider it yours. We will not send you mails or transfer the data to others. You are the only one who can send invitations to your contacts.

As soon as one of your contacts has registered on the platform (e.g. by signing up for an event), he is considered a platform-user and will receive further information e.g. on the event he has signed up for.

What does "private beta" mean?

EVENTIPLY is currently running, but we have many bugs to fix and must get everything ready. We are the only ones who can invite you to private Beta by sending you an invitation-code.

If you have received one, you get access to a version of EVENTIPLY that will be offered as a basic version in the future. After the private beta period is over, you may downgrade to the Forever Free Package.